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Mummy Sippy Cup is 'the only Interesting thing about' this scene in The Bachelor.

This made me laugh out loud.

Photo credit: Channel 10

Episode 5 of The Bachelor saw a few of Nick's family head to the Mansion to spend some time with the girls with the task of eventually choosing one of the ladies to join us for dinner. After a full day of filming we sat down to an amazing dinner, it was all laid on for us. Lobster, Chicken and Salad teamed with Beer and Wine, We were lucky to have Brooke join us for a feed and a few laughs We were treated very well thankfully, as we were exhausted and ready to relax and wind down. Even though the cameras were filming we were free to eat, drink and speak about whatever we wanted. Brooke fit right in, laughing at the boys' jokes. I think she learned that Dad Jokes aren't restricted to just Dads. Brooke spoke briefly about her family and some past experiences, it was nice to see her open up and be comfortable with us. I could imagine the prospect of meeting Nick's family so soon would have been daunting, but she quickly came to see what we're about and joined in the fun. One thing I take with me everywhere is my Mummy Sippy Cup, the Bachelor Mansion was no exception. We thought we'd extend some hospitality to Brooke and we both enjoyed drinking our favourite red and white beverages together. The 5 of us (Dad (Mark), Jake, Nick, Brooke & Myself) ended the night with a big Cheers to celebrate a successful day.

For those who like the shock and drama of The Bachelor (and lets face it, who doesn't) our dinner scene probably wasn't as exciting as seeing Tennille unzip her dress and run into the darkness, but for us it was a fun night full of love and laughs, which I'll remember for a long time to come.

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